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«Unipost-Expres» LTD Registered address: MD-2038, Chisinau mun., boulevard Decebal, 78/1-12
Director: Fedorenco I.R. (on the basis of the charter) Fiscal code: 1003600126070
Postal address: MD-2001, Chisinau mun, M. Kogalniceanu str. 26 -22 VAT: no (the activity is not subject to VAT)
b/a: MD05AG000000022512494782 SWIFT code: AGRNMD2X493

BC «Moldova-Agroindbank» SA fil.32, or. Chisinau

Main activity: 5320 - Other postal and courier activities.

Client/Payer — legal or an individual entity, service client of the Executor, payer Executor services.

DOCS — shipments marked DOCUMENTS/DOCS are considered: envelopes, bags, boxes that contain printing or hand written products/materials on paper, having the nature of business or personal correspondence, on separate sheets not stitched together with weight till 5 (five) kg with invoice on each of them ( exception are leaflets, catalogues of various type and kind, calendars, brochures and other type of printed promotional products), that do not require specialized type of custom clearance (export licences and other), and are not intellectual property.

NDOCS - shipments with mark NON DOCUMENTS/NDOCS include: parcels (envelopes, packages, boxes, bags) with content diferent from the above, and shipments containing DOCUMENTS/DOCS with weight over 5 (five) kg on one postal invoice.
Attention!!! Documentation that needs special mode of custome clearance and/or is subject of intellectual property (drawings, diagrams, projects and other) are accepted with provision of all necessary for custom clearance purposes allowing documentation.

Express courier delivery — is a complex service "Unipost-Express" for receipt, selection, transportation and delivery of courier express shipments from sender to receiver (from hand to hand), accompanied by the responsibility for shipment safety and informing the Customer about accomplished delivery, with presenting POD.

The content of express courier shipment can be: DOCUMENTS/DOCS and NON DOCUMENTS/NDOCS - any documents or documentation, objects and materials, product samples and raw materials, advertising and printed materials, instruments and devices, equipment and their parts, personal effects (luggage) and other goods, not included in lists of Dangerous goods and prohibited items or restricted for delivery by acting legislation of the countries: sender, transit, destination.

Courier express shipment/Postal shipment/Shipment — issued with a separate HouseAirWayBill (HAWB) with unique reference number, packed, marked, limited by size and weight of packaging content, handed off by the Sender to Executor in order established by the Republic of Moldova Rules of providing postal services and «GCC» approved by Executor, sent to the destination address, as a courier postal shipment, for delivery to the Receiver by the number of pieces and total weight. Total weight of the shipment is not limited, however the physical weight of one ready for transportation piece should not exceed 30,00 kg (inclusively) and the maximum dimensions of one piece should be within 120 cm х 50 cm х 50 cm. The number of pieces in one airwaybill is not limited.

Customer — legal entity or an individual interested in the performance by the Executor express courier shipment delivery and placing an order on it.

Dangerous goods and prohibited items — substances, goods made from these, materials, reduction, related to production or other activity, which, because of their inherent properties, can pose a threat to human life and health, harm to the environment, damage or destroy the material valuables during the transportation. Also substances, goods made from these, materials, reduction, related to production or other activity that are not admitted for transportation in accordance with ADR or are admitted for transportation only in compliance with the prescribed conditions in ADR, and are banned for post “transportation” by the International Bureau of the UPU (Universal Postal Union), but are specified for this way of "transportation» by IATA (International Air Transport Association) or ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
These restrictions and prohibitions apply to the countries in which the items are accepted for delivery, as well as in countries of transit and countries of final destination.

Declared cost — indicated in bill of lading price for content, determined by the sender. Declared cost shall not exceed the actual (documentary confirmed) cost of shipment and should not be unreasonably understated.

Delivery confirmation/POD - Proof Of Delivery – information containing: delivery date, time, name/receiver signature, that received the shipment on indicated address.

Delivery list — is a document, in which is registered the information (delivery date, time, name/signature of the person who has accepted the mailing) about the shipping/delivery to the recipient.

Delivery tariff ECONOM — tariffs for sending or receiving items with an extended delivery period of 2-4 days, in comparison with the delivery time of express parcels. The service under these tariffs is available for EU countries and for certain cities of the Russian Federation. Payment for the service at ECONOMY tariffs is possible only by the Moldovan customer.

Dimensions — the basic dimensions (length, width, height) of the content of courier express shipment or shipment prepared for sending.

Executor — LTD «Unipost-Expres» (trademark «Unipost-Express»).

General conditions of cooperation with «Unipost-Expres» LTD/ «GCC» — list of rights, responsibilities and liability of Partners under Agreement. As well as rules that regulate relationships between “UniPost-Express” and “Customer” in case of conflict between them, or in case of any other written agreement, if it is not under Legislation or Agreement between Parties. «GCC» is an integral part of the permanent Agreement with the Customer.

Individual tariff — is the discount rate from the basic rate for a particular customer and order.

Logistics — strategical planning and managing transportation of postal consolidations, warehousing postal shipments, their storage and other operations concerning their movement/motion.

Marking — different types of standartized signs, drawings, inscriptions and symbols, applied on the shipment packaging, establishing order of their record/identification for preservation of shipment content when performing loading-unloading and transportation.

Order — Customer charges Unipost-Express to organize and perform service of courier delivery, made by the phone, website or in the Unipost-Express office. Order ipmlies from the Parts of Agreement the following responsibilities: Unipost-Express has the responsibility to offer services stipulated by the Agreement, The Customer – to present order for delivery according to Unipost-Express requirements and pay within the specified term services offered by Unipost-Express.

Postal waybill /delivery invoice /HAWB — (HouseAirWayBill) — is an accompanying mailing document, which accompanies the mailing all the way from the Sender to the Recipient. Postal waybill consists of a 5-layered, self-copying form with the logo of the Contractor; it is made by printing method. Each waybill is assigned a unique outgoing number, which provides tracking of the mailing delivery.

Receiver — legal or an individual entity which is indicated as such in НAWB and representing himself and/or from the name of shipment owner, eligible to receive the shipment.

Required fileds of postal invoice — field HAWB, has to be completed on the basis of received information from the Sender. Lack of information in required fields or their wrong filling makes the custom control pass impossible or considerably complicated, shipment delivery, or its tracking.
When filling the form of postal invoice, the sender must:
- give full and correct information for shipment delivery;
- describe qualitatively and quantitatively the send goods, objects and materials intended for delivery;
- with his signature confirm the information above, and that the shipment does not contain dangerous objects, materials forbidden for transportation.

Return — the return of the item to the sender is carried out with the consent of the sender and at his own expense in the following cases: the impossibility of delivery; refusal to accept the item by the recipient; the refusal of the recipient to provide the required documents for customs clearance; refusal of the recipient to pay the beneficiary taxes, fees, etc.; return of the item at the request of the sender. Return of departure at the request of the sender himself, is possible only if consent is obtained from this regime by the customs body of the RM.

Sender — authorized legal or individual entity, which is indicated as such in НAWB and represents Customer/Client and/or on the behalf of shipment owner, that ordered delivery service.

The shipment is considered to be ready for transportation — when it: is packed in a container (envelope, package, box, tube), is marked (according to the nature of the content and to existing rules), and contains applied mail invoice and the required accompanying documents (Proforma Invoice/Commercial Invoice, Certificates of conformity/quality, safety - MSDS).

Large dimensions shipment — shipment, the summ of three dimensions of at least one piece that exceedes 220 cm.

Shipment tracking — sender has the opportunity  to receive information about his shipment status by himself, using the service posted on or on our international partners websites.

Tariff — is the cost of the Contractor services that depends on the addresses of the pickup/delivery, type of the mailing, its weight, and size of the package.

Type of packaging, packing — standard packing is available free of charge by the Contractor on conditions that the characteristics of the available packaging containers (envelope, package, box, tube) of the Contractor correspond to the characteristics and dimensions of the mailing content.
Contractor on his own, at his own expense provides packaging and labeling of the mailings, which are destined for international shipments, according to the information on the characteristics of the mailing contents, reported by the Sender. We recommend you entrust the choosing of the type of packaging and the packaging itself to employees of our company.
The Sender can pack the mailing all by himself. Please, select the optimum packing materials and the pack the content as compact as possible in order to avoid the creation of the dimensional weight, but do not forget that the process of packaging and packing containers itself, depending on the nature of the contents, should take into account possible risks of content damage during transportation/delivery. In this case, the Sender must provide the Contractor with a description and classification (with the necessary documentation) for each piece of shipment in accordance with the characteristics and dimensions of the content.

Volumetric weight — the weight value of the shipment, calculated in kg by the formula: (width(cm) х length(cm) х height(cm)) / 5000 (kg). In case volumetric weight exceeds physical weight, delivery cost is determined by volumetric weight.

Weight — the weight value of the shipment in kg, calculated by measuring in kg on special equipment (scales).


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